LGBS Software

About Company

LGBS Software is a multi-national Information Technology consulting and software development company. Our mission is to provide world-class IT services – including advanced programming and software design work – at a fraction of the cost. We are able to deliver this value to our customers thanks to our unique corporate structure, seamlessly integrating on-site American and off-shore European teams in a coordinated approach to IT solutions.

LGBS Software is now a proud member of Euvic Technology Group. The group was established as a result of the merger of several IT companies, which are characterized by experience on the market and an extensive range of competencies to make sure that clients are provided a comprehensive offer of high-quality services.


1 International Blvd., Suite 1105
Mahwah, NJ 07495
ph: (201) 289-8322
fax: (201) 399-2569
e-mail: office@lgbssoftware.com


LGBS Software can take care of all or just part of any IT project. There are times when a client asks us to work on with very precise specifications of the overall system to be implemented. Other clients request us to use our expertise to help define the scale of the project. Throughout the process, we research various technical possibilities or approaches, to ensure all of our clients’ options are covered.

Since we became part of the Euvic group, it is now possible for us to combine potential, knowledge, skills and resources with other highly specialized member companies. It has resulted in more sophisticated projects, which are managed better than before, better customer service and more frequent knowledge exchange among employees.

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Job Offers

You can see some of our jobs offers below. If you are interested in making career with us, you can find more about recruitment process and advantages of working with a member of Euvic Technology Group here.