Financial Business Analyst

Job Description

  • Solicit, define, and manage requirements for sound cash management solutions for clients.
  • Partnering with business users to fully surface their requirements; conducting interviews with key project stakeholders and document and presenting the results.
  • Assisting business users, project managers, and IT leadership in optimizing the scope, benefits, and risks of proposed projects; help manage expectations of users and management.
  • Ensure the adherence to timelines and conditions with respect to delivery dates and client acceptance approvals.
  • Assist the support team in making the system more user-friendly and cater to the client specific needs.
  • Assist in the Reconciliation and Contract assessment phase, to confirm that the data captured by the team is reconciled as per the guidance received from the client.
  • Identify anomalies in the system information provided by the client, and accordingly raise issues to the client in order to get more accurate information.
  • Perform various analyses to evaluate and research on the cash held deposits.
  • Compile findings and suggest solutions to the client, and discuss with the client counterparts in order to provide a more accurate analysis of the potential investments to the client.
  • Analyze the guidance documents provided by the client for reconciliation, to find more effective ways to deliver the final deliverable to the client.
  • Perform second level review on all liquidity related claims, and report findings and observations for third level review.
  • Creating and/or reviewing manuals, procedures, and related user documentation; ensuring documentation is targeted to the appropriate audience.
  • Presenting concepts in a concise and focused manner, including narrative, process diagrams, role and accountability diagrams and business-focused storyboards.


Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Business Administration, or related field. At least one year of related work experience. Familiarity with financial concepts like cash management, deposits, and liquidity. Proficiency in Business Analyst tasks.